Shopping Your Collection

I’m currently on a very low-buy for everything. I’m trying to save money, but I don’t want to completely deprive myself. My biggest downfall is indie perfumes and makeup. Mostly perfumes, because I have had a lifelong obsession with good-smelling things (especially perfume) that isn’t going anywhere. And indie perfumes, with their affordable samples, make it so very hard to not buy everything.

A trick I learned from the internet (thank you, reddit!) is to “shop your collection.” Basically, pull all the things that you have that aren’t in regular rotation and start wearing/using those. There’s a reason you bought them and haven’t gotten rid of them. So start using them! It will also feel a bit new to you, just like getting new goodies in the post!

So today, when the urge to buy new perfume was incredibly strong, I pulled out all my perfume samples. I sniffed all of them. I may try out a few again. I also have pulled out some empty rollerballs and will be putting a select few perfumes into them. I’ll do a post about that whole process on a different day (once it’s done, of course). So not only am I shopping my collection, I’m doing so for a purpose.

Here's all the samples I own. This does not include full sizes!

Here’s all the samples I own. This does not include full sizes!

As you can see, I have quite a bit to work with! It also gives me a chance to go through them all again and decide which ones need to go!

I like to do the same thing with lip products and eyeshadow, but the urge today is for perfume, not those things, so it’s perfume today.

This distracts me from the urge to buy. Although, if we’re being totally honest, I’m going to cave soon anyway. It is known.

If you have any recommendations that will keep me from buying things, please let me know! I need all the help I can get.


P.S. I do have plans to review the perfumes in the future. I haven’t done so yet, though. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know about, please ask!


2 thoughts on “Shopping Your Collection

  1. You can!! As long as you’ve cleaned them thoroughly in order to not contaminate whatever perfume you’re putting into the rollerball. (Unless that’s what you want to do, of course.) I bought a pack of 12 empty rollerballs on etsy for really cheap, so those are what I’m using!
    For cleaning old rollerballs, I’d suggest dish soap, as it’s meant to cut through oils. It’s worked well for me so far!

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