Exercise and Perfume

So I went for a run today. I should probably put run in quotation marks, since I’m such a terrible runner that it’s much more walking than running. However, I’m still doing it; I’m hoping I’ll get better. Although it’s really just a way for me to get in some cardio to strengthen my heart. With a history of weak hearts in my family, I want to do all that I can now in order to strengthen my heart.

Anyway, talking about my terrible running ability is NOT the point of this point.

My point is that, as I was running, my mind was wandering. I started thinking about perfume (I have a new perfume coming in the post soon, so this isn’t surprising). I just started thinking about how exercising can change the smell of certain perfumes. I’ve only had it happen with one perfume, but it was pretty incredible.

Back in 2009-ish, I was going to a yoga class twice a week. I had gotten a sample of Beyonce’s perfume Heat at some point in time and just happened to rediscover it during this time. When first putting on Heat, it was a bit…underwhelming. I had expected something incredibly sexy and powerful and this was….nice. There was a bit of heat and sexiness, but nothing too much. But when I wore it to yoga class and worked up a sweat…..whoa. It was incredible how much that changed it. The perfume bloomed into the sexy and powerful perfume I had been hoping for. It was stronger and about a million times sexier. It was fascinating. I started wearing Heat to yoga class until I lost my sample (or ran out – I honestly can’t remember).

I haven’t had that happen again yet with a perfume, but it’s something I’d love to discover again. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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