Style Saturday 14 Mar 15

This week was soooo long! Phew! I’m very glad it’s done and that I get to relax this weekend! I will probably be pretty busy at work for the next couple of months, so be aware of that!! I’ll probably only be posting a couple times a week. Still gonna keep Style Saturdays, though, as those are my favourite.

1) Victoria’s Secret PINK Boyfriend Pant

I’m not 100% that these are boyfriend pants, but I believe so? They fit super well – super slouchy, comfortable, soft, and what I’ve been living in since I bought them last weekend! I got them in the clearance section, which explains my confusion on them. They are so, so comfortable. And, unlike most slouchy clothes, I don’t feel like I look frumpy in them – I just look comfortable. (Also, is it obvious yet that I love Victoria’s Secret?)

2) Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner

This is the best eyeliner for winged eyes or cat eyes. Hands down. (Or at least I find it so!) It gives you a very precise, slim line. It’s very easy to use and my only wish is that it came in more colours. It’s not super expensive and can be found in plenty of drugstores. It’s the only liquid eyeliner I’ve liked so far. I want to say more about it, but what else is there to say other than precise, easy to use, and affordable??? It’s WONDERFUL.

3) Firebird Bath & Body Perfume

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve been trying to feature one indie product in each Style Saturday. I love indie makeup and perfume and want to share my love with everyone (and maybe introduce someone to a new favourite!). This week is perfume. Firebird is the company I would suggest if you’re interested in indie perfumes. They have a great quality product and a good variety of perfumes! (I can’t speak for any of their other products, as I haven’t tried them yet.) Their perfumes aren’t truly basic (as that implies a lack of skill and finesse, which isn’t true), but they aren’t as out there as other perfume companies. (Like my absolute favourite, Riverside Hayride, having a dirt note in it). They have scents such as Macaron, Ginger Bourbon, Coconut Tea, and others that are a bit simpler notes-wise, but are blended beautifully and smell phenomenal. My favourite from them is Tobacco Honey. It’s honey with some spice and some pipe tobacco. Absolutely gorgeous smell! Definitely a brand to check out!


3 thoughts on “Style Saturday 14 Mar 15

  1. The Line Stiletto is my FAVOURITE eyeliner- so perfect, fast and easy to use! It gives such a clean line. I honestly thought I would never be able to use liquid eyeliner on myself, until I found this and figured out that I maybe needed better eyeliner!

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