Style Saturday 28 Mar 15

Hello everyone!! I almost forgot about Style Saturday this week! Oops!! Since I haven’t got much time right now, I’ll add in some pictures tomorrow! Sorry, my dears!

1) Vera Wang Princess
This perfume is lovely. It is light, floral, and very feminine. I have gone through multiple bottles of this. It’s such a delicate, lovely scent. I wear it on days I want to smell extra feminine. Definitely one of my favourites.

2.) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

I kept hearing rumours that this was a lotion that was great for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Now, I’m still not entirely sure if it is or not (I didn’t notice, but I’m not good at keeping a consistent routine), but it is a very nice lotion. It is thick and creamy – almost like a body butter. It also smells a bit like cocoa, which is a huge plus for me. I bought it on a whim in a travel size at Target once – and I’m so glad I did. Great lotion, great scent, and a great size.

3) Arcana’s Magwitch

This perfume is incredible. I just adore it so much. The official description: “Rich pipe tobacco, sea water, tobacco flowers, and black roses.” On me, it smells like light musk and salt, which sounds kinda gross but is actually beautiful. The floral aspect is in the background and the pipe tobacco kinda disappears (much to my disappointment). I’ve recently began mixing it with Vera Wang Princess, which is absolutely divine! Musk and flowers and a bit of salt and then more flowers….it’s pure heaven to me. It’s gorgeous enough on its own, but when layered with Vera Wang – incredible!

Until later, my dears!


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