Style Saturday 09 Aug 15

I know this is a day late, but I ended up pretty busy yesterday! :X I’m trying hard to get into blogging again, but oh my goodness is it difficult for me! Good thing I never promised consistency 😉

  1. Possets Napoleon & Josephine Perfume:
    This is an absolutely gorgeous rose perfume!! I got my first sample pack of perfumes from Possets just recently and this one definitely stood out to me! It just smells like fresh rose petals. Very green, fresh, and not powdery. I was really impressed with everything I got from Possets, but this one was so lovely it had to be mentioned.
  2. Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadow in Doge:
    This is a perfect neutral with pizzazz! It’s really great for work. It’s very close to my skin tone, so it just gives my eyelid a bit of sparkle without being over the top. Shiro is another truly wonderful brand if you’re looking for makeup. She has a lot of fun themed collections (Legend of Zelda! Game of Thrones!) that have some stunning colours. You can also order a custom lip gloss.
  3. Blackbird Cosmetics Atlas & Dog Days:
    I count these as one because I use the two together to make my favourite natural eye look. I’ve been doing the look pretty much ever since I got Atlas in the mail. Just perfection. Blackbird has amazing customer service and she’s very beginner-friendly! She has pressed eyeshadows that wear like a dream.

I hope you enjoyed!! And I hope everyone is having a very lovely weekend! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Style Saturday 09 Aug 15

  1. Very fast!! It says on the home page that the turnaround time (how long it takes to process your order) is 1-4 business days!! Not sure how long it’ll take to get to you, though….


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