Style Saturday 15 Aug 15

Today feels like an autumn day, not so much a summer day! It just feels like fall is coming and I couldn’t be more excited! Summer’s not really my season 😛

  1. Floral Top
    This is the floral top that I wore earlier this week. It’s still a bit spring/summery, but still gorgeous enough to wear whenever. (I’ve never been into the idea of only wearing florals during certain seasons. Why??) Also, now that I know how good it looks with a pencil skirt, I’m going to wear it even more now!
  2. Women’s Sleep Jogger Pant from XhilirationThese are sooooooo comfortable!! Just light-weight enough for warm weather, but still warm enough when it gets a bit chilly! Perfect for when the weather is changing!
  3. Smelly Yeti Bee Tsar
    This is such a delicious honey and tobacco scent. The honey note is just phenomenal! Really really lovely and delicious! Also, Smelly Yeti is a great name. And who doesn’t want to buy perfume from someone who has a perfume called Broody Guy???

I hope everyone’s week has been good! Are you excited for fall???


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