Holes in My Wardrobe

This post is taken pretty much directly from Jessica! I saw her post on items that she’s looking for in her own wardrobe and have been thinking about it ever since. Mine are all short-term goals, as I haven’t evaluated my wardrobe well enough to know what items I should be looking for long-term. I’m not quite that organized.

Plain Shirts

Recently, I’ve begun my search for plain shirts that are good quality. Until now, I’ve always gone for Victoria’s Secret’s plain vee neck shirts, because they are very flattering and soft. But I no longer live in a place where getting those shirts are feasible. Also, the shirts were very, very thin, so I would hope for something a bit sturdier. I recently bought a plain green shirt from Penney’s (Primark) and so far am in love with it. But I doubt it will last very long – for €3.50, I don’t expect much!

Ankle Boots

I bought myself new ankle boots in December while I was back in the States for Christmas. I’m very picky about my boots – no heel (or a very minimal heel), black, pointed toe, only up to my ankle, no fringe, no laces, simple design….a lot of boots do not meet my requirements. However, my old boots are very rundown from my recent travels and a hole has recently begun developing on the side of the boot. This is a bit more of a pressing issue that I will need to fix fairly soon.


Now that spring is on its way, I am finding that my winter coat is no longer as comfortable. I simply get too hot. It is also not super waterproof. I am on the hunt for a lightweight, waterproof jacket with a hood. I have not been looking very hard, to be fair, so I’m sure something will show in the near future.


That’s pretty much all I’ve been looking for recently. What about you? Are there holes in your wardrobe that you need to fill?


Or if you know any shops that would be an ideal place to find any of these items, please let me know! 🙂




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