Exams are done!

My exams are done!!! It was difficult, but I’m so glad they’re over!

I have two weeks off before the next semester starts. I actually have a list of things I want to do while I have the time off haha. Does anyone else do that? To be fair, it includes things like watch tv! Just doing the things I’ve been wanting to do when I was studying.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves!

What things do you do to treat yourself after working extra hard?




Study Tips

I’m currently studying for exams. (I know it definitely looks like it as I write this post….) I’ve been out of college for some time, so I feel I’ve had to relearn how to study.

Studying is a very personal thing, obviously, but I’d like to share a couple of things I do that help and I hope you’ll share some with me too!

  • Get comfortable. If that means comfortable jeans or sweatpants or whatever works for you, go for it. Be comfortable.
  • Stay hydrated. I always always have water nearby. I tend to drink a lot of coffee and tea while studying as well, but water is really the key. I do my best to stay away from sugary drinks.
  • Give yourself little rewards. I set up a system for myself where if I complete one or two problems (depending on their intensity) or study for a certain length of time, I take a 20 minute break and eat a piece of chocolate or watch a funny video before continuing again. It prevents me from becoming too overwhelmed.
  • Discover the amount of noise that works for you and find a place that accommodates that. Some people need complete silence to study, so a library is perfect for that. Some people, like myself, cannot study in complete silence. I need background noise, so I tend to go to coffee shops to study. Or I study at home and use Coffivity in the background, which is a site that plays the sounds of a coffee shop on a loop for you.

Are there any other tips that you have for studying? I’m still relearning how to study and would love to hear what you think! 🙂

Good luck to everyone taking exams!